STONG laboratory is a professional third party testing and certification institution with many years of product testing
and certification experience. It is strictly established according to the requirements of ISO/IEC Guide 65
and ISO/IEC 17025, and has been approved by China National Accreditation Committee for conformity assessment (CNAS).……

Authority environmental protection Standard Rigorous Efficient win-win
SAR test authentication question and answer SAR test authentication question and answer 1, what does SAR mean? The full name of SAR in English is Specific Absorption Rate, which is generally referred to as the ratio of absorption of electromagnetic wave o.. 2018-02-28
Brief introduction of EMC test EMC is the full name "Electro Magnetic Compatibility". Electromagnetic compati..
Brief introduction of safety gauge test Safety laboratory is one of the important parts of the SET, after a long period ..
China develops 400 kph high-speed train 1、what is the safety test? Security testing is a hazard test that may be b..
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