STONG has many years of professional experience in product testing and certification of the third party inspection certification bodies, in strict accordance with the ISO/IEC Guide 65 and ISO/IEC 17025 requirements of the establishment, and achieved China National Accreditation (CNAS) accreditation, the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) recognition. At the same time, the company also received the Hongkong mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department of EMSD, UL, Intertek (ETL-SEMKO), CSA, MET, T, Rheinland, T V V S, SGS, NEMKO, D FCC, IC, CPSC, TMICO, California Energy Commission (California CEC Energy Authority) etc.. Since its inception, the company sincerely helps customers' products meet the requirements of continuously updated international standards. The international market has been recognized by the majority of customers, and has certain popularity and reputation in the same industry.

The company has many laboratories equipped with internationally advanced equipment and testing functions, which can provide test and certification services

Company Profile

for products around the world, and ensure that products meet international standard requirements in terms of safety, electromagnetic compatibility, innocuity, energy efficiency and reliability. In order to enable customers to get localized services directly and conveniently, and to fulfill our commitment to provide high quality services, we sincerely provide accurate testing and technical support services for extensive customers, actively follow customer needs, and fully display the one-stop service concept.

The company has experienced senior industry engineers and customer service representatives, to meet the needs of customers a number of tests, and provide technical guidance, consummate countermeasure service; at the same time can provide the global certification services through global partners, to help customers successfully applied to the global market.

Corporate Culture
SincerityThink first, social commitment
STONG people advocate honesty and honesty,
and put honesty in the first place of values.
STONG people maintain their own independence
and provide independent judgment.
STONG people are committed to providing scientific
and accurate data and reports.
TeamLron shuojin, Our wills unite like a fortress
STONG people respect each other's differences.
STONG people mutual trust and mutual trust,
play the advantage of the team;
STONG people rely on team spirit to achieve their goals.
MajorSpecialized, excellence
TONG people grasp the overall situation
and maintain the accuracy of the process.
STONG people pay attention to the details and keep improving. STONG people aim at the frontiers of technology development,
and keep the technology advanced.
ServiceHeart to heart, hand in hand together
STONG pays attention to the needs of the staff
and treats the employees sincerely.
STONG people take customer demand as the guidance, improve the quality of work and provide high quality service.
STONG people pay attention to social responsibility
and improve the quality of life through professional services.
Grow upLtaly lofty, accumulate steadily
STONG people are committed to the establishment
of a learning organization.
STONG people pursue self transcendence;
STONG people are committed to becoming respected professionals.
MissionHelp enterprise
et up a global network to create international
certification brand names
Global customers provide a fair, fast, reliable,
consistent local service
STONG Certification
Certification Certification Certification Certification
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The value exploration of the society
In the course of the development of STONG, we not only create economic profits, pursue outstanding performance, take the initiative to bear social responsibility, and actively participate in public welfare activities.
If Google's development is a problem, it must be because we have not recruited the smartest people.。
—— Google CEO:Lawrence Edward Page
Join us, build the future together, open a new chapter in our life。
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