Job description:

1, responsible for product market development and sales, and actively complete sales targets, expand product market share, execute and complete annual sales plan of the company's products.

2, keep good communication with customers, grasp the customer's needs in real time. Provide customers with active, enthusiastic, satisfactory and considerate service.

3, in accordance with the company's products, prices and market strategy, the independent disposition of enquiries, quotations, contract terms, negotiation and contract signing and so on, and to return the money in time. To coordinate and supervise the operation of the various functional departments of the company during the execution of the contract.

4, maintain and develop new sales channels and new customers, develop and expand upstream and downstream users, especially end users, collect first-line marketing information and user opinions, and provide references for company's marketing strategy, after-sales service and so on.
Quality Engineer

Job description:

1. College degree or above, optical information and technology, electronic engineering, physics major.

2. There are more than 1 years of working experience in passive devices.

3. The quality improvement of the field, the quality abnormity treatment follow up, the reliability test plan and the implementation.

4, be responsible for doing things, and have certain ability to resist pressure.