EN DOE authentication

EN DOE authentication

The US federal regulation (10 CFR 430) has determined that all the external power supplies entering the US market should reach the minimum energy efficiency level: level IV and clearly marked on the products. Not only that, but also requires manufacturers and brands to submit two important declarations to DOE. The first is the product to achieve the federal regulations in energy efficiency requirements (Compliance, Statement) announced the first second product certificate report (First Certification Report), two copies of documents shall be by mail, delivery to the U.S. Department of energy (DOE, Department of Energy).
The document preparation should be filled in according to the format published by DOE, in which the certificate report may be submitted by the third party unit on behalf of the manufacturer / brand dealer. The information presented on the documents should cover every single product category (product class), manufacturer / brand name, efficiency (%), no load power consumption (W) and rated output power (W).

DOE standard basis

● Federal regulations of the United States: 10CFR429 and 10CFR430.                
● 10CFR429 stipulates the standard of sample selection and the specification of the report.
● 10CFR430 specifies testing methods and compliance declaring specifications                            
● DOE is the U. S. Department of energy requirements, no certification, but to the United States must meet the minimum requirements of the Department of energy, so to apply for the DOE.

What information needs to be prepared for DOE certification in the United States:

1. samples and 2-3 technical documents of            

2. products           

3. product nameplate        

4. certification application form (provided by our company, your company)

DOE certification cycle in the United States:

There is no problem in testing the product, the registration is approved, about 2-3 weeks or so, special special treatment

The cost of DOC in the United States

On the basis of specific products, the U.S. Department of energy (DoE) on 2016 for the external power supply (EPS) Level VI energy requirements except clause that the U.S. Department of energy (DoE, Department of Energy) on the basis of energy policy management method (EnergyPolicy and Conservation Act of 1975 (EPCA), sold in the United States require external power supply (EPS Externalpower supply) since the beginning of February 10, 2016 the energy efficiency requirements by at least LevelVI, unless it meets the following exclusion clause:

1. Class A EPS (Level V) that meets all of the following conditions can not be conformed to

A) made during the period from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2015.                   

B) as a terminal accessories products and manufactured before July 1, 2008.

2. in accordance with the following requirements of the EPS can not meet Level VI no-load consumption before July 1, 2017 (0.1W 0.21W, or 0.5W)

A) the product is AC-to-AC EPS.          

B) beyond 20W or above.           

C) is designed to be a product that is connected to the security, alarm, and life maintenance system.

3. conforms to the medical use EPS of the United States health food safety agency

4. AC-DC EPS conforms to the following conditions and can not be considered

A) output voltage (nameplate outputvoltage) is less than 3V, output current is larger than 1000mA (nameplateoutput current), and direct operation AC-DC EPS is used to charge battery or drive motor.DOE monitors many electrical and consumer electronics, including EPS, TV, fridge, air conditioner, washing machine cloth, household heating equipment, microwave oven, battery charger, ceiling fan lamp suite, fluorescent lamp ballast and so on.