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SAR test authentication question and answer
Author:世通检测 Source:世通检测 Browse:119 Date:2018-02-28

1, what does SAR mean?

The full name of SAR in English is Specific Absorption Rate, which is generally referred to as the ratio of absorption of electromagnetic wave or ratio of absorption. It is the energy absorption ratio of the electromagnetic wave of a mobile phone or a wireless product, which is defined as the induction of electromagnetic fields in the human body under the effect of the external electromagnetic field. Because the various organs of the human body are a lossy medium, the electromagnetic field in the body will produce electric current, which leads to the absorption and dissipation of electromagnetic energy. In biological dosimetry, SAR is used to characterize this physical process. The significance of SAR is the electromagnetic power absorbed or consumed by the body tissue of a unit mass, with a unit of W/kg.

2, how is the SAR tested?

The human body model, measuring instrument, probe pair and mechanical arm constitute the SAR measurement system, and the system is placed in the shielding room. The internal model of human body is liquid substance. The electromagnetic characteristics of liquid are consistent with the electromagnetic characteristics of human tissue. The probe can move freely in it. Finally, the SAR value is calculated through a formula.