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China develops 400 kph high-speed train
Author:STONG Source:STONG Browse:49 Date:2018-02-26

1、what is the safety test?

Security testing is a hazard test that may be brought to the user during the use of a test product. The judgment of the safety test is based on whether the safety index has reached the requirement, but not the loss of the product's function as the basis for judging. The simplest judgment is whether it is dangerous to the user, such as mechanical injury, fall, scald, burn, electric shock, scratching, and so on.

2、security test is which authentication is to be done.

CE, CB, China's CCC, American UL and so on.

3、what are the features of the security test?

The characteristics of safety testing are: safety emphasizes the protection of users and maintenance personnel. It is convenient for us to use electronic products, and do not let electronic products bring danger to us. At the same time, it allows partial or all functions of equipment to be lost. Part or all functions of the equipment are lost, but it will not bring danger to the users. The safety design is qualified though the equipment may not be used or become a pile of waste. This is different from the consideration of the function design of electronic products. The conventional electronic product design mainly considers how to realize the function and keep the function intact, and the product's adaptation to the environment. The safety regulation is to consider the electronic product from the safety specification, and its purpose is to make the product safer.