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Brief introduction of safety gauge test
Author:STONG Source:STONG Browse:52 Date:2018-02-27
Safety laboratory is one of the important parts of the SET, after a long period of hard work, the room from the hardware, or from the quality of personnel, work experience, management level and other aspects, have strong comprehensive strength, over the years, in addition to the completion of safety type test a large number of products, but also has been detection of a large number of CCEE, CE, UL certification, especially in two hours, two years since May, and completed the CCC certification of large number of tasks. It has been widely praised by many customers and related departments.

The safety test room is well equipped and complete, and most of the equipment and equipment are introduced from developed countries such as the United States and Japan.

1. the following safety tests can be carried out for the following products:

Information technology equipment.

(national standard GB4943-2001 -- corresponding international standard IEC60950 UL60950)

Microcomputers, portable computers, learning machines, computer game machines, CRT and LCD monitors, projectors, printers, switching power supplies, chargers, power adapters, computer peripherals, UPS power supplies, etc. The transformer, printed board and other components used in the above equipment.

audio, video and similar electronic equipment

(national standard GB8898-2001 -- corresponding international standard IEC60065 UL6500)

Color or black-and-white TV (including LCD, plasma and rear projection TV), mono and stereo, audio, audio power amplifier, car radio, phonograph, electric piano, CD player, VCD player, super VCD player, DVD player, MP3, home theater audio power amplifier, active speaker, language repeater, set-top boxes, audio and video equipment power adapter. The above devices and information technology equipment and other related devices are used for picture tubes, transformers, degaussing coils, switches, relays, high voltage components, printed boards, etc.

Communications and telecommunications equipment.

(national standard GB4943-2001 -- corresponding international standard IEC60950 UL60950)

Fixed telephone terminals, cordless phone terminals, group telephones, fax machines, modem (including cards), mobile user terminals, ISDN terminals, data terminals (including cards), multimedia terminal devices and cell phone batteries.

Household and similar electrical appliances.

(national standard GB4706 series standards - corresponding international standard IEC60335 series standards)

Electric irons; electric cookers; battery chargers; humidifers; ventilator; room heaters; food blenders; electric food processor; electric oven; toasters, waffle Flapjack mold, electric frying pan, vacuum cleaners, massage appliances, electric water heater, induction cooker, water dispenser, humidifier, etc..

Safety requirements of luminaires.

(national standard GB7000 series standards - corresponding international standard IEC60598 series standards)

Ordinary fixed lamps, ordinary mobile lamps, emergency lighting lamps, lamp string, hand light and so on.


(national standard GB2313-1993 - the corresponding international standard IEC60920:1990);

(national standard GB15143-1994 - corresponding international standard IEC60928:1990)

Inductance ballast and electronic ballast

Laser products

(national standard GB7247.1-2001 - corresponding international standard IEC60825-1:1993)

Laser product components used for laser products and information technology equipment, audio and video equipment and so on

Medical electrical equipment.

(national standard GB9706 series standards - corresponding international standard IEC60601 series standards)

Medical apparatus and equipment


(national standard GB13028-1991 - corresponding international standard IEC60742)

Isolation transformer and safe isolation transformer

2. the current main business scope:

3C certification type test.

CQC certification type test.

Audio and video products (GB8898)

Information technology products (GB4943)

Home appliances (GB4706 Series)

Lighting electrical apparatus (GB7000 Series)

Related components (GB8898, GB4943, GB13028, GB7247.1)

Quality supervision and inspection issued by the local government and the State Department in charge of the relevant electronic and electrical appliances, lighting, communications, information technology products.

Capable to specific requirements according to national standard GB and international standard IEC, EN and provide safety type test electronics, electrical appliances, lighting, information and communication products.